Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recipe Cards

Check out here for clip art of recipe cards (recipe cards you can print out yourself). I love these (I've printed them and they are really cute). I love it when someone gives me a recipe on a cute card (I can collect recipe cards along with recipes). It's also nice to give someone else a recipe on a cute card. I know some of you are into paper crafts and stamping and probably make your own card (I think that would be great, but let's get real here - am I gonna do that - probably not).

Don't forget to google it and you can get more printable recipe cards. Here are just a few of the many...

If you know of any more great sites like these, please let me know. There is just nothing like a handwritten recipe - it's so personal. My favorites are my mom's (especially since she has passed away).

So if you have a cute recipe card that you made yourself and a great recipe to go with it feel free to scan it and e-mail it to me (don't forget to put your name on it and where you are from). :o)


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Rosemary said...

I love recipe cards and especially those written in a loved one's hand. My own have little smears and stains from being well used and somehow that makes them even more precious to me.

I happened to find your blog via the UBP and I am going to explore it more - but I like what I see already.

Since you like crafts, why not check out the challenge blog my friend and I have created or my personal blog (it's all in my profile if you click it). We're all about fun craft projects with no stress at all, just the fun of creating.

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