Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crochet a Simple Shrug

I just completed this great little shrug for this spring. It will be great when I need a little something on, but not a lot. I loved the fuzzy yarn (I thought that it would be soft - and it is), but it was very difficult to work with. I do not recommend it for a beginner. It is very forgiving though (it hides mistakes). I got the pattern here from Lion Brand has lots of free patterns for knitting or crochet. They also have some great "How To" instructions. Check them out if you like this form of needlework.

I love to get my e-mail from Hobby Lobby that gives me a coupon each week. When I get 40% off any 1 regular priced item, I go get some yarn that is normally too expensive for me to purchase (or I feel guilty spending that much on yarn). It's great to get your needles then too.


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