Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to Eat Out Cheap in Cookeville, TN

On Tuesday nights, my friend and I go out to eat and then go get groceries. (A great girls night out huh? - grocery shopping!) We do our best to eat inexpensively (because we cut coupons and check out the sales, what good would it do us to go to all that trouble if we blow it on the meal before).

Last Tuesday night we at at Jackson Street Grill. We each had 10 piece hot wings (all drummies) for $3.00 ($.30 each), water to drink and we split an order of onion rings ($1.95 for total order). My bill was about $4.00 (plus tax) and I brought hot wings home for my hubby for lunch the next day (so it served basically 2 meals). This was really good food (it would have cost me that much or more at a fast food place).

A couple of weeks before, we ate at El Tapatio. I got a chicken tostada for $2.50 (you can get cheese, chicken or beef) with water to drink. They serve unlimited chips and salsa. I also have a smart card that gets me 10% off (that usually covers the tax).

Both places are nice, sit down restaurants where you are served. I always leave satisfied or really full, but never hungry. (The above totals do not include tips -which I do leave - even with tips it is not any more expensive than a fast food joint).

Where can you eat out inexpensively?


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