Thursday, March 12, 2009

13 Things that I am Thankful for that Most People Are Not

1) Laundry (it means that we have plenty to wear).
2) Dishes (it means that we have plenty to eat).
3) Noisy children (it means that they are healthy and active).
4) Very little time for myself (it means that my family and friends want to be with me).
5) Not a lot of money (it makes me appreciate what I do have and that it doesn't come easy).
6) When things go wrong (it reminds me to depend on God more).
7) That I'm not perfect (I'm just human and that's all God expects of me).
8) A messy house (it means we have a place to live and feel comfortable it in).
9) Noisy children (it means that I can hear).
10) When my children make a mess (it means that I am capable of cleaning it up and it is also a learning opportunity for my children, they are just human after all too).
11) When my children come crying to me (it means that they know they can come to me and they want me to comfort them).
12) Pain - physical and emotional (it means I'm alive and I can feel).
13) That Christ suffered and died for me (without it I wouldn't have God's grace and forgiveness).



Jenn said...

I love this post. Thank you for the reminders. :)

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling your kids are noisy. I understand. Mine are too.

Jen said...

This is great!! I am going to print this and keep it around to remind me of how thankful I should be every single day!!

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Love this Jena! :)
God bless,

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