Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teacher's Gift

This week Anthony's class is studying the letter "A" and they are using apples as their theme. I had actually started this project before school starts and was going to save it for teacher appreciation, but decided to give it to Anthony's teacher this week (since my theme was apples also).

I made a reusable lunch tote with an apple print with navy background on front and back and then for interest, I used navy and tan gingham for the sides (and the inside lining). I embroidered the teacher's name on it in white.

Then I decided to fill the bag with apple items. I got some hand soap from Bath & Body Works (apple scented), I found some apple print typing paper (not shown), a book of prayers for teachers (the cover has an apple on it), I crocheted an apple slice tawashi and an spiral apple tawashi and a regular dishcloth to match the tawashis, I added the apple that I crocheted here, some stickers with apples and pencils and A+'s, and some post cards with apples (the front of the post card said 'A Note from Your Teacher').

Anthony took it to his teacher today (the first day back from fall break).
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