Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apple Tawashi

Sorry that I have been MIA just a little bit. I haven't had time to both blog and craft so I had to pick. So I picked crafting...WAIT!!!! Don't get offended just yet, I love to blog and I love my readers, but if I don't craft, I don't have anything to blog about.

I found these neat little tawashi's. Tawashi is the Japanese term for scrubber. There are all kinds of tawashi's. This is one that's crocheted (I think generally they use acrylic yarn with this, I used cotton yarn - it's softer, but next time I will use acrylic - I think it will scrub better). There are lot's of tawashi patterns out there. I found these at Lion Brand Yarn.

They were very quick and easy to work up. I was very pleased with them. I've made 2 batches already (kept the first one, never looks as good while I try to work through a 'new to me' pattern and figure out how things flow, and I gave the 2nd set away). I plan on making more. They are so quick and easy and I think very cute.

I love the leaf. It has a little curl (dimension) to it (it is not flat). Adds character to it. Very pleased with the pattern. Lion Brand has not disappointed me yet. Every time I've used one of their free patterns it turns out really well.

NOTE: I tied the yarn every time that I switched colors. You are technically not supposed to, but since I am going to be scrubbing dishes (maybe even vigorously), I really wanted these to last and not fall apart or come unraveled.

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