Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boutique Style Burp Cloth Tutorial

My friend Amanda at How Far We've Come wanted to know if I was going to do a tutorial on the Sock Monkeys that I did to go along with these burp cloths (see here). Well, I didn't think about it and didn't take pictures, but you can get directions here or a tutorial here.

Here is the stencil that I used for the initials that I monogrammed on the burp cloths (part of my scrapbook stuff - you can use regular stencils, you can print a font off of your computer or whatever you want to use for your monogram).

I made a pattern, by tracing the letters that I wanted to use on brown kraft paper (have I mentioned that I LOVE brown kraft paper?).

Then I cut them out and I pinned them onto the fabric that I was going to use for the initials (Sock Monkey Knit print) and cut the initials out of fabric. (Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of that). [Speaking of pictures, I finally got me a new camera - not exactly what I wanted, not in the budget, but it was on sale and I am pleased with it.]

I measured the fabric that I wanted to use as trim on the burp cloth to be a little larger than the burp cloth (this is great for scraps too).

I then ironed down all 4 edges (toward the backside of the fabric), making sure to make it the exact width of the cloth diaper. This will give it a nice finished edge and will keep it from fraying. (You can make it as high/tall as you want. I didn't make it too tall because I was going to applique the initial above the trim.)

I then pinned it on the cloth diaper. Cloth diapers are not exactly square, so it will not fit exactly on the back, but get it as close as you can.

Here is the front side all pinned. Now you sew it around the edges. You can use matching thread to blend in or you can use a different colored thread as an accent. (Forgot to get a picture after it was sewn.) I am so forgetful. (I have a hard time with tutorials because when I start a project I just keep going on to the next step, then the next, and well you get the idea. I forget to take pictures.)

Now take the initial that you cut out of fabric and iron it on to Wonder Under (I used Heat 'N Bond because that is what I already had). Follow the Wonder Under directions. I ironed it onto the wrong side of the fabric, I placed a piece of scrap tissue paper to the right side of the fabric (to keep my iron from getting sticky/gooey from the Heat 'N Bond) - it just peels right off.

Now iron according to directions.

Cut the letter out, right next to the edge of the fabric (cuts the excess Heat 'N Bond off). Then the tissue paper comes right off.

Next you peel the back of the Heat 'N Bond off.

Now iron it onto your cloth diaper, centered just above your fabric border.

I then appliqued the initial on. Used a very close zig-zag stitch, just around the border. NOTE: It works best if you drop your feed-dogs (check sewing machine manual on how to do this.)

I used the Sock Monkey fabric because I liked it and bought it and didn't know what to do with it. You can use any fabric/fabric combination that you like. You can also add rick-rack and other trims to dress it up. Just remember that these are for babies and stay away from buttons and other choking hazards.
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