Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you ever had a friend that only called you when they wanted something? You know the one. You haven't heard from her in ages, when the phone rings and you hear her voice, you immediately think to yourself, "What does she want this time?" You do a little small talk and then she asks to borrow (you fill in the blank) or ask you to help her with (fill in the blank here also). Then you don't hear from her again until she needs another favor.

Have you ever had a friend that didn't really care about you (or at least it felt that way)? When she talks to you she goes on and on about what's going on in her life, about her problems, her new job, her (fill in the blank). When you try to talk about something important to you, she cuts you short and says "Great! Now listen to what happened to me."

Have you ever had a friend that didn't open up to you? You ask her questions, but her responses are short and curt (with as little information as possible). You tell her something personal about you, but she never tells you anything about herself. You wonder if she's shy, if she'll open up someday, does she even like me & want to by my friend?

All of these friendships feel one sided don't they? Do you feel renewed after talking to one of the above friends?

How's your relationship with God?

Is it like the first friendship? Do you only pray and talk to God when you need or want something? Do you only talk to him when things are going bad in your life asking for His help, then when things are going great you don't even give him a second thought?

Is it like the second friendship? Do you pray often? Do you pray on a regular basis, but then don't take the time to hear what God has to say by reading your Bible?

Or is it like the third friendship? You read your Bible daily, several times a day even, but don't take the time to pray and talk to God?

Relationships (whether it be friendships, marriages, etc.) are two sided. One person cannot make a relationship work by his/herself. It takes both parties of any relationship to be successful. Can you take the time to talk to God on a regular basis? Can you take the time to listen to God on a regular basis? His is the most important relationship you can have.

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The Family of Logo said...

what an awesome reminder! I <3 this!

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