Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Falling for you...

Please forgive me, this post is going to be so random and scattered, but I just can't help it.

I love fall. It is my absolute, most favorite time of the year! The leaves, beautiful colors, leaves, the crisp air, leaves, sweater weather, leaves, homemade chili, leaves, pumpkins, leaves, I could go on and on.

Here are a few pictures of the boys having some fall fun! (I think if I were a photographer or had a decent camera these pictures would have been so much better, but I've got the boys on film and that's what counts.)

I have the boys outside right now on an acorn scavenger hunt. Anthony has been bringing in handfuls of acorns for the last week or so. So, I sent them out for a massive acorn search so I can make this...from Made.

She said she used her acorn wreath for several occasions and just spray painted it to match the holiday/season. What a great idea! Until she dropped it and had to trash it. :o(

Well, that started me thinking (I know, kind of scary huh?). What if (starting this year) every fall, I send the boys out to collect acorns for a wreath, we assemble the wreath as a family project and spray paint it (my kids love to paint with spray paint as much as I do) and change the fabric hanger each season/holiday (as another family project). By the end of a year, the wreath will probably have seen it's better days, so the next fall - we can start all over again with an acorn scavenger hunt. (My intentions right now are for this to become a tradition, we'll see.)

I have been busy crafting and sewing, but most of it is for Christmas. I don't think any of the recipients read my blog, but just to be on the safe side - I'm not going to post pictures just yet. I've crafted for my personal gifts, I have done things for friends to give as gifts. It has been so much fun!

Last year for Halloween, I started making a hooded cape. I was going to be Little Red Riding Hood. (I was making the cape reversible, so I could wear it all year.) Guess what?!?! I didn't get it finished on time. Our family's Halloween Party was at my In-Laws and I needed just 1/2 hour more to finish, but my DH doesn't like to be late, so he wouldn't wait for me to finish it. So I didn't go dressed up at all (I had no back up plan.) Well, after Halloween I did finish it and was going to wear it this year. Guess what?!?! I got Strep Throat! Frank took the boys Trunk-or-Treating at church, but I didn't get to go. Maybe next year?

For the past 4 days I have just been holding the couch down.

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