Friday, July 9, 2010

Treasure Found

Here are the aprons that I got from my dad's (mentioned here). They all belonged to my mother, so that makes them very special to me and I believe that one of them probably belonged to my grandmother first (which makes it even more special - I will be the 3rd generation in possession of that apron). Sorry it's a little cock-eyed.

The apron in the center is a Barbie sized apron. (I'm guessing it was made for me and my Barbie.)

That's just a casserole carrier, but it was with the aprons and I liked it.

This is a half-apron. Can you see the hand stitches around the bottom? It is also hand-stitched around the waist and at the top of each pocket (there were 2 pockets).

The long green apron is a full apron. To the left of that is the Barbie apron.

This was just some fabric that I found with the aprons. Not sure what I will do with it, but I liked it.

There were 3 bonnets in there too. I'm pretty sure that my mother never wore them. I don't know if they were my grandmother's, or if mom made them (as a decoration or something). I really don't know anything about them, but I'm keeping them too.

Here are 2 more half-aprons. They are not even hemmed. The bottom edge is the selvege edge.

It looks like I might now have an apron collection (small, but a collection non-the-less, or at least the start of a collection).

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Melanie said...

several years ago Josh's grandfather sent us a box of stuff and in it was a little bitty apron...I couldnt figure out for the life of me WHY he would be sending us a barbie sized apron since we had no children, certainly no barbies in our house. My mother in law showed me that it was actually a little apron to go over the tall dish soap bottles that sit next to the sink. When I saw it on there I thought it was SO cute and kitschy that I keep it there, even though it doesnt even come close to matching my kitchen.

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