Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flower Head Band

I have seen these cute flower headbands all over the blogosphere and have just been dying for one. But I'm almost 40 and really thought I was too old (but I still wanted one).

I got this cute dress...

... from Goodwill really cheap and it had a scarf with it. O.k. I like scarves, a lot. Every time I see them on people, I think how cute or sophisticated or whatever the look is they are going for, but when I try to wear one and look in the mirror - I think I just look silly. I can't pull it off for some reason (that's probably what's going to happen with the headband too).

Well I took the scarf and cut it up and made a flower headband (to match the dress). I love the way it turned out, but still not sure how it looks on me.

Here I cut circles out of the scarf (needs to be polyester in order to do this particular flower). They do not have to be perfect circles.

I used 3 graduating circles for each flower.

I took a candle and heated the edges. It seals it (keeps it from unraveling) and it causes it to curl up in a very cute, flower-like way.

DO NOT drop your circle into the flame of the candle letting it fall all the way into the wax, like I did.

Here are all of my circles with heat treated edges. I even did the centers some. (I wanted one flower to be smaller than the other so I have 6 different sizes of circles).

Then I stacked the heat-treated circles, largest on bottom.

I used LiquiStitch to glue the 3 circles together. Then I put a drop of glue in the center and used some seed beads for the center of the flowers.

I then used my hot glue gun and glued the flowers onto the headband (that I purchased at Claire's, pretty in-expensively).

Here it is finished...

Anthony had to try it on too.

I just love his dimples. They are just like his dad's. They are irresistible.

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