Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Bag

I made this beach bag for my SIL's birthday. I embroidered 'Surf's Up' in red on some navy & white gingham fabric (thought it looked a little nautical) and sewed it on the front (top stitching it with red thread - doesn't show up in the picture). You could use it as a beach bag, pool bag or any other large tote.

My favorite thing about it, is that it is mesh and should allow most of the sand to filter out before getting into your vehicle or house.

Now I want me one (tutorial here - great excuse to make one for me, right?).

There are lot's of great phrases you could use on it, but I can only think of a few so help me out...
Surf's Up
Beach Bag/Beach Gear
Catch the Wave
Pool Bag/Pool Gear
...can you think of more?

1 comment:

p.a. said...

life's a beach...have a ball

hang ten

summer girl

sand patrol

get wet

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