Saturday, July 10, 2010

"If all the world were apple pie and all the water ink..."

My son got ink on the back of one of his favorite shirts. So, I tried to fix it. I have been wanting to save a shirt (or other piece of clothing) for awhile. I see so many other people able to save stuff, but I have never been able to. Usually the stain would get somewhere too weird to fix (like half under an arm, or on one of my breasts or something like that).

This stain is fixable (I think). The shirt is green, navy and white plaid. I had some scrap navy fabric and 'heat and bond'. Yes, I think I can do this.

I ironed on the 'heat and bond' to the navy fabric. Then on one side of the 'heat and bond' I traced star shapes (found in a pattern book, I used 3 different sizes) making sure they were big enough to cover up the ink stain and then cut them out.

I then pulled the backing off the stars and placed them over the stains. (2 stars would have covered up the stain, but I thought 3 stars looked better.) I ironed them onto the shirt (to make it easier to applique on by machine). Then I straight stitched it around the edges of the stars. I could have done a tight zig-zag (like embroidery), but I wanted the edges to wear slightly when washed and dried.

So what do you think? Did I fix it? Does it look o.k. or just strange?

Here is the inside of the shirt. Can you see the navy straight stitches outlining the stars? You can still see the ink stains from this side, but no one except us will ever know. You won't tell will you? Promise?

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