Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snake Update

It WAS a Copperhead Snake. Once my DH got home, he picked up the box that the snake had crawled into and took it out in the yard (where the sun was shining) and you could definitely see the "copper" colored head. I wasn't sure when it was in the shade of the porch (see here).

Another sign that it was a venomous snake, was that it had a triangular shaped head (there is a difference between the head and neck). I've also heard (but not sure if it is true or not) that venomous snakes have slits for pupils and non-venomous snakes have round pupils (this snake had slits).

It is not as big as it looks (I used the zoom on my camera). It was about 2 feet in length (which is about as big as an adult copperhead will get).

Frank came home and took care of it for me. (He's my knight in shining armor!). Thank you honey! I love you!


Lana said...

omg, scary! I'm glad I just have garter snakes. lol.

The Family of Logo said...

SO SO SCARY!!! So glad I don't have to deal with snakes at all!

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