Friday, May 21, 2010

Plain Pursuit

Plain Pursuit
by Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson Publisher

Carley, a big city girl, needs to do some physical and mental healing after being in a car wreck that killed her mother. She calls on a previous 'big city' friend that has turned Amish. While staying with her friend, Lillian, for a month (without all the modern conveniences), Carley is faced with the dreaded hospital. Lillian's son becomes ill and Carley must face her fear of hospitals and doctors to help Lillian.

While at the hospital Carley meets a doctor that wants to help Lillian's son, but Lillian's husband refuses his help. Dr. Noah seems to know Lillian's husband, Samuel, but Samuel doesn't tell anyone (including his wife, Lillian). What is the secret between Dr. Noah and Samuel? Will Carley be able to convince Samuel to accept Dr. Noah's help (for his son's sake)? How can Carley help her friend Lillian when she herself needs help while trying to heal?

Carley is also faced with the strength of Lillian's faith. Carley feels deserted by God because of the car wreck that left her with a permanent physical problem and that took her mother from her. Carley doesn't understand how Lillian can be so comfortable with a God (especially when Lillian's son is so sick) that Carley herself feels is a stranger. Carley is amazed at how the whole Amish community pulls together and seems so happy with so little and yet she is torn at how they can shun one of their own.

This is an excellent book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It kept me captivated all the way to the end. Carley faces so many problems with her faith, that a lot of people seem to be facing with their faith too. It will make you take a look at how you perceive things.

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