Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boy Shorts

Very easy shorts. A couple of Saturdays ago we were having a family get together at the in-laws in the late afternoon. I decided that morning that I wanted the boys (the 2 little ones) to have a cute new outfit for that afternoon. So that morning I got busy and in about 1 1/2 hours I had 2 pair of shorts made. (That includes stopping and filling up sippy cups, kissing boo boos, breaking up fights, you know...all the stuff that goes with having boys.)

These shorts were made from Simplicity Pattern #5982. The shorts pattern is for boys or girls and it comes in 2 lengths (I chose the longer one). There are just 2 pieces: a front (which you cut 2 of) and a back (which you cut 2 of). Very easy.



I picked up the teal, white and brown plaid seersucker last summer (planning on making shorts and never got around to it until the other day) and after purchasing the fabric I went and purchased 2 brown T-shirts on clearance to go with the fabric.

I wait until patterns go on sale for $0.99 and then get all I am allowed (patterns generally run from $12.95 to $15.95). Then right before I use the pattern, I trace it onto tissue paper and use my tissue paper pattern to cut out the fabric. (That way, if a pattern is multi-sized, I can use it again when my boys are bigger.) Tissue paper is very inexpensive, it takes just a little more time, but not much (kids patterns are small). My cousin said she traces her patterns onto interfacing (it's sturdier than tissue paper and will last longer, but probably a little more expensive too, but I wouldn't think by much). If you were going to use a pattern over and over again, this would be a great idea.

I wish I had bought more of that fabric. I wouldn't mind having me a pair of shorts or capris made from it.

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