Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Copper Head or Something Else?

In the area where I live there are only 2 venomous snakes: the Timber Rattler and the Copperhead.

Champ went to feed his chickens and came back in and told Lee that they couldn't feed them because of a snake. I told him to stay inside and went to check it out (thinking it was a chicken snake, our chickens are all baby chickens).

I couldn't see it and was about to come back inside and ask Champ where exactly it was that he saw it, when I decided to look into a cardboard box (one that we brought the baby chicks home in) and there I saw the snake. (Right now we are keeping the chicks on the back porch until they are bigger.)

I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took these pictures.

I used my zoom lens so 1) it is not as big as it looks in the picture and 2) I wasn't as close as it looks (probably closer than I should have been if it is a Copperhead). I don't care for snakes, but knowing that they are beneficial I leave them alone (except when they get too close for comfort - this one is on my back porch).

I immediately e-mailed the pics to my DH at work and called him. From the pics, he too believes it is a Copperhead. Also, I will do whatever it takes to keep my kids safe (even overcome my personal preferences and fears.) I ran outside and put a large plastic tote over the box with the snake in it (I don't want it to go under the porch or the chicken pen and bite the kids - they play on the porch a lot). I called animal control and the office is closed because today is local election day. :o(

I have looked online and this snake has all the tell-tell marks...1) head is larger than the neck, 2) copper colored head, 3) tan and brown hourglass markings.

With Cub Scouts a few months ago we went to the local University and a Professor spoke to the kids about reptiles. He had several kinds, he even had a Copperhead (under glass and lock and key) and then he had a non-venomous snake that was often confused with the Copperhead. I am kicking my self in the rear for not remembering the differences between the two. (I remember thinking how difficult it was for me to tell the difference with him right there pointing them out.)

I am not an expert, but I really think this is a Copperhead. I guess he will have to stay under the tote until tomorrow and I will contact animal control again. Maybe they can tell me if it is a Copperhead or other non-threatening snake. Will I be able to sleep tonight?


The Family of Logo said...

1) you are WAY braver than I!
2) I don't usually care wheather the snake is venomus or not, I'd be at a hotel for the night
which leads me to 3) NO WAY would I be able to sleep through the night!

WICKED SCARY!! Stay safe and post tomorow to prove it! Oh! And after animal control comes to rid you of the problematic snake, please let us all know if it truly was a copperhead!

Lana said...


I'm pretty cool with most stuff in nature, but that would scare the bejesus out of me.

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