Sunday, April 5, 2009


My DH and 2 oldest boys made this beautiful, rustic trellis today for Champ's clematis.

My hubby made 6 flower beds in the retaining wall on the side of our driveway. Everyone gets their own flower bed and they get to decide what to put in it. Right now we are putting a few veggies in the 2 babies flower beds (until they are a little older and can decide for themselves).

They made the trellis out of a scrap board (that was going to go into the burn pile - fire for camping and such) and nails that we had left over from 10 years or so ago. Very resourseful (didn't cost us anything) and they did it without a pattern. Frank is great in that way (very talented).

I will try to show it to you again this summer, when the clematis begins to climb it.

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