Thursday, April 23, 2009

Burp Cloths

Here are some burp cloths that I made out of cloth diapers for a lady at church (she is expecting her 3rd child, but first girl next week). The cloth diapers are thicker and work better (for me anyway), but they are so "plain" so I try to make them prettier. I embroider a name and/or initial and add some ribbon.

This ribbon had pinks and browns so I did one larger letter (the first letter of the first name) in light brown and then embroidered the name in pink over the monogram.

This ribbon was blue, pink, yellow and, green. I picked the bright yellow to embroider the name. [I remember when I had my baby showers for each of my boys - I began to get tired of all blue, so I am trying to do a few other colors, instead of the traditional pink, for this new baby girl.]

I love the red ruffled ribbon that I used on this burp cloth. I used a single initial as a monogram and I put the ribbon on vertically (in the seams of the cloth diaper) instead of horizontally (like the last 2). I hope she likes them.

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