Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Bags

I was going to post on this earlier (with pics and everything), but my camera was acting all weird so I wasn't able to get pics. Since this sort of goes along with the last post I decided to post on it anyway (maybe I can get pics later - or you can send me some of your pics).

A couple of ladies a church got together with some plain canvas bags from Hobby Lobby and some fabric markers and made "Busy Bags." They took about 6 bags (decorated 3 for girls - pink, purple, butterflies, flowers, you get the picture, and 3 for boys - red, blue, balls, trucks, you know what I'm getting at) and put a few simple "quiet" items in each bag.

Example boys wheel car/truck, puzzle, plastic animals, coloring book and crayons, etc.
Example girls bag...small doll, accessories for doll, puzzle, coloring books and crayons, etc.

They hung these out in the lobby area of the church for the parent/s of toddlers/small children to use during church service to entertain them and keep them quiet (the kids not the parents). These are especially nice for visitors.

You could do the same for travel. Fix a few busy bags with different activities/toys that you don't let your kids play with at home. Hang them on a hook near the door, grab one as you go out the door (for long road trips, Dr.'s office visits, etc.). You could use the story sacks for that also. Check out story sacks here.

Here are a few links that might help...
This site actually makes/sews a busy bag, but it shows some ideas of what to put in a busy bag for travel, check it out here

101+ Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Makes and

Let me know what works for you. How do you keep your kids busy and quiet in church, Dr.'s Office, on the road, etc.? What's your sanity saver?

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