Friday, April 17, 2009

Hand Crocheted Dishcloth

I have been trying to make my blog more interesting (concentrating on quality and not quantity), so I have been busy crafting a little more and blogging a little less so I can bring something of interest to you (I hope).

At the end of this post I have included my pattern for these hand crafted dishcloths. I hope the pattern is easily understood (I can crochet, but I don't know if I can write patterns). If you don't know how to crochet or don't have time to crochet, you can check out my dishcloths on my etsy site,

This was the first time that I've worked with cotton and I really liked it. I usually work with acrylic (it has a larger selection of color and is easier to find - around here anyway). I tried a couple of brands of cotton yarn and my favortie was 'I Love This Cotton' yarn.

My Aunt got me interested in crocheting dish cloths. She said that she was given one by a friend and it is her favorite dish cloth (she knew that I crocheted and thought that I might enjoy doing them). Well, she was right. I really enjoy crocheting the dish cloths. I can take them with me so I can work on them when I have to wait somewhere (like car rider line at school), they are quick and easy. I also think they will make nice gifts (I love to take a hostess a gift - when we are invited to dinner to a friends'), I also think they might may good, teacher gifts, or 'just-because' gifts. I am really excited about how these turned out.

Crocheted Dish Cloth Pattern

100% cotton worsted weight yarn (approx. 100 yds.)
Crochet Hook - size G

Chain 25
Working from the bottom side of the ch 25...Row 1, DC in 2nd chain from hook and DC in next 23 chain, chain 2 (becomes 1st DC), turn.

Row 2 DC in each DC across (24 DC), chain 2, turn.

Rows 3 - 13 Repeat row 2.

Row 14 DC in each DC across, chain 1, turn (do not finish off).

Edging SC in each DC across, 3 SC in last DC; (turning the corner and going down the side) 2 SC in each DC (all across the side), again 3 SC in the last DC; (turning the corner and going across the bottom), SC in each DC across, 3 SC in last DC; (turning the corner and going up the side), 2 SC in each DC (all across the side), 3 SC in last DC, join with slipstitch to first SC, finish off. [Basically I SC all around the outside of the square - making 3 SC in each corner - to give it a finished look.]

***Just in case you can't read my pattern (because I have never written a pattern before now), here is a link that you can get a free, crocheted, dish cloth pattern.


mary said...

ok, u know u have to make me some now!!!!

Lana said...

I've made myself 4 recently! I agree, they are great dishclothes. I had one years ago, and it was nice and thick and worked wonderfully - lasted forever. It finally started to ravel and I had to toss it.

I made 4 for myself, and tossed most of my old dishcloths. 4 is more than enough to last me for a week before laundry time.

They take me as long as a scarf tho! lol.

I think next I'm going to make some face scrubbers (with cotton) and some dish scrubbers (with tulle).

Jena said...

Great idea. I have never used tulle, but I love the texture. I might have to try that next.

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