Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Waiting Place - Book Review

The Waiting Place - Learning to Appreciate Life's Little Delays by Eileen Button is not what I was expecting. By the title, I was expecting a book that would teach me to look around and smell the roses while I was waiting in a doctor's office, car rider line at school, etc.

The Waiting Place is basically a collection of Eileen Buttons memories. (It reminds me of the Chicken Soup books, but instead of a collection of many people's memories it was a collection of one person's memories.) I have to admit that I was disappointed at first.

Since I am a mother of 4 boys, the short stories made it easier for me to read. There was nothing wrong with the book, it just wasn't what I was expecting and wanting. As I continued to read though, I began to realize that I had been in many of the same waiting places that Eileen had been in (maybe a different state, a different time, with different people, but the same waiting place anyway).

I began to feel a connection with Eileen. She understood me because we had been in several of the same waiting places. Some of the things that she felt during those times were some of the same things that I felt when I was in my waiting place. I began to appreciate the waiting places that I had been in, in the past.

The book still didn't meet my expectations, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I think that I can look at things in my past differently (in a more positive light) and hopefully train myself to look at present and future waiting places more positively while I am in them.

I received this book for free from Book Sneeze for this review, but the review and opinions are my own.

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I too read this book for review and LOVED it!! Find my review here -

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