Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am Unstopable

Vocal Point (see below for more info.) sent me this product by Downy called Unstopables and asked me to try it. Well, I love it! The first thing that I really liked about it was the packaging... are able to smell the product without opening it. So in the store aisle, you know what it smells like instead of having to wait until you get home. (But you don't have to worry - it smells great.) I was sent the fragrance 'Fresh' it has a aqua colored lid.

My husband even commented on how good it smelled (without me prompting him - that is very rare). He said it even smelled good outside (when I had my dryer going - it is vented outside - and he was outside working he could smell it).

I am really into lavender right now and they have a fragrance called 'Lush' and it has a purple lid. I am really anxious to try it! Wonder if it smells like lavender?

I will give you a little warning. The fragrance it strong, so if you don't like that, you might not care for this product. However, I do like it. I want my clothes to smell fresh for days (I love to take a towel out of the linen closet and it still smell fresh and clean).

It comes in these little half-spheres that you shake into the lid (the product labeling tells you how to use it).

Then you pour them into your washer at the beginning of the wash load. Because you pour it in at the beginning (instead of the rinse cycle) the clothes are infused with the fragrance. This is also nice so that you don't have to worry about listening to the rinse cycle (or I have a Downy ball - and sometimes it doesn't release the fabric softener in the rinse cycle and I have to re-rise my clothes).

Unstopables is safe for High Efficiency washers, it is safe for all colors, all fabrics and all loads.

I suggest that you try it when you can (it is only available in select stores right now - but if you sign up with Vocal Point you can get a sample for yourself). They are having another sample offer coming up soon.

I am a member of Vocal Point and I am constantly getting free samples to try. I got a full size bottle of Downy Unstopables to try. They asked me to let my readers know what I thought about it, but it was not a requirement for the free product (I got the product regardless). If you want to become a member of Vocal Point you can do it by typing in this link (or copying and pasting) and signing up (it's free) .

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The Family of Logo said...

sounds very interesting... hope I can find it in local stores cause I want to try this too!

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