Monday, July 11, 2011

I AM Different

I am just like a lot of moms. We want our kids to be cute, dressed cute, cute hair cut, you know how it is. But I am different in this way...when they get old enough to want to dress themselves - I let them.

I have friends that have children that are pre-teens, soon to be teens and they still tell them how to dress. I'm not knocking that, but that's not me.

As soon as my kids want to dress themselves, I encourage it. Yes, they may not match, but that's o.k. with me. They are expressing themselves and learning. I just make sure that it is weather appropriate (that's where I put my foot down). I do have a couple of other rules also, the clothes must be clean and they must be in good shape (no holes, stains, etc.).

As you can see here, Anthony picked out his clothes - he has an orange striped T-shirt, a green and blue argyle sweater vest, and a navy clip on tie. He was very proud of it and yes, I let him wear it to church. I even told him (without lying to him) that he was very handsome (it really isn't the clothes that make the man - he is extremely handsome to me).

I know that right now some of you mothers are mortified. That's o.k. It takes us all to make the world go around. When people ask if they dressed themselves, I nod, lean in close and with a sweet smile I quietly explain that they have their dad's sense of fashion. ;o) (Just kidding about that last part - sort of.)

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Tima Murrell said...

Love this. =) I also let my kids pick their clothes out. It's led to some humble moments for me, but they are learning how to make choices and deciding their own sense of style. And he IS handsome!

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