Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Day My Cowboy Stopped the Cattle Rustlers - Part 3

...He described the truck to Frank and that was the same truck that was parked at our barn at 10:00 p.m. the same night trying to steal our cattle. He had been scouting out the farm and cattle.

The Truck Driver’s Story…

He had two companions earlier that evening with him, but he had taken them to another town and dropped them off. He got a call on his cell phone that a man he knew had bought and paid for some cattle and asked him to go and pick them up then gave him our address. He was here just trying to do his job.

There are several holes in his story: (1) when the officers checked his cell phone, there was no record of him receiving a call from the number he had given the officer or from man which he said had purchased the cattle and asked him to haul them – actually, there were no calls received at all during the time frame that he gave; (2) if you know anything about cattle at all – you don’t get them up at night – period; (3) if you are unfamiliar with the cattle and if they are unfamiliar with you or if you are unfamiliar with the layout of the farm – you don’t get cattle up by yourself (worst case scenario: you bring help; best case scenario: you get help from the cattle owner, who is familiar with the cattle, the cattle are familiar with him, he is familiar with the farm and how it operates – you know, which gates open in and which gates open out and which cross fences/gates lead to the barn and which ones lead to another field, etc.); (4) if you are hauling cattle, you back your trailer up to the end of the barn to make loading easier, not to the side of the barn - which may hide your truck from view, but makes it much harder to load cattle – or anything for that matter (if you are there honestly on a job, why would you need your truck hidden from view anyway? – just saying).

The truck driver’s companions probably had an interesting and difficult night, if they were with him (which I truly believe they were and they just ran off so as not to get caught). We live way out in the boonies, in the bottom of a hollow. Which, since they had been scouting out our farm probably thought that was to their advantage, but proved to be otherwise.

We live so far out that we do not get cell service within a five mile radius of our house. We do not have very many neighbors (there is only one house that is within sight and that is only during the winter months when the leaves are not on the trees and there is nothing to block sight). So, if the truck driver had two companions with him and they ran off, they cannot conveniently call for help. They would have to walk about five miles up hill either way to get cell service (it was dark and misting rain – that would also make things more difficult or at least more uncomfortable). Since they were from another county, it is possible that they were unfamiliar with the layout of the land (with the exception to the road).

If they were to go up to a stranger’s house that late at night (way out where we live) they have a good chance at getting shot at just because they are there. (We have no choice but to protect our own way out here.) So, they probably weren’t able to call for help that way either.

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