Monday, February 7, 2011

The Day My Cowboy Stopped the Cattle Rustlers - Part 1

It was Friday night about 10:00 p.m. and a little rainy, we were sitting on the couch watching a movie. I got up and went into the bedroom and Frank came running down the hallway. I could tell something wasn’t right. I asked him what was going on. He said, “I see flashlight lights at the barn.”

He put on his boots and hat (baseball cap), jumped on his trusty steed (actually we don’t have a horse, it was a Nissan Sentra) and rode to the barn. The barn is about ½ of a mile from the house and it is not easy to see, and with it being nighttime and a misting rain it didn’t help visibility. I opened our bedroom window and tried to watch as best I could. I saw his car lights stop at the barn, then I heard him yell. (Mind you, my husband is very patient, laid back and pretty tolerant, so when I heard him yell – I got VERY concerned.)

I ran down the hall and grabbed the phone and phone book and looked up the Sheriff’s number. Frank comes flying back home on his steed (Sentra) while I am on the phone with the Sheriff. I told him that I had the Sheriff’s Department on the phone and what should I tell them? Frank said, “Tell them to hurry before I start shooting. No one’s going to steal my cattle.” Frank grabs his gun and goes back to the barn as fast as he can. (You remember when I said that my husband was patient and tolerant? Well, he has no patience or tolerance for thieves.)

I found out later (when I was able to get all the details) that when Frank went to the barn the first time that the guys had their truck and cattle trailer backed up to the barn, they had all the gates open and were in the field trying to run the cattle into the barn lot, so they could load them on their trailer. Frank wrote down their license tag number and then he got on his tractor and blocked the would-be cattle thieves’ truck so they couldn’t leave. That’s when he came back home to get his gun.

When he went back to the barn, a man was standing beside his tractor (probably trying to figure out how to get it started so he could move it out of the way and leave) and began to walk toward my husband. Frank said, “I have a gun and if you take another step, I’ll shoot.”

To be continued...

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