Thursday, February 17, 2011

God Gave Us So Much Book Review

I love reading to my children almost as much as they love being read to and this was a great book that we all enjoyed.

The book 'God Gave Us So Much' by Lisa T. Bergren is really three books in one. It has three fabulous stories about the things God has blessed us with and Polar Bears are the main characters. It is primarily for pre-school and early elementary aged children. It has wonderful illustrations by Laura J. Bryant.

The first story, 'God Gave Us The World,' is about how God made different kinds of bears, not just Polar Bears, and how he provided a special and unique home for each of the special and unique bears.

The second story, 'God Gave Us Love,' explains that there are different kinds of love. There is love between mommies and daddies, love between parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends, etc. We can and should love everybody because God made so many different kinds of love for so many different relationships. It also teaches that even if we don't like the things that someone is doing, we can still love them because God loves us - because God is love.

The third story, 'God Gave Us Heaven,' I thought was fantastic! Heaven is hard enough for adults to understand, try explaining it to a child. I think Ms. Bergren did a wonderful job explaining Heaven on the level of a small child.

The illustrations are colorful with lots of detail without being too busy or complicated for younger children. My boys loved looking at the pictures and picking out certain aspects of it and seeing how it changed from page to page (their clothes, their surroundings, etc.).

If you want to emphasize the importance of God to your children, I highly recommend this book. With books like this I am able to reiterate at home, what they learn at church. It opens the door for communication between my children and me.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, but the review and opinions are my own.

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