Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

I wish I were more of a photographer, but I am not so I apologize for the pictures.

I tried another recipe from Foodie with Family (you can see the first one here). I couldn't resist this one - Hot Chocolate on A Stick! (It just sounds good.) I made it almost as soon as I found the recipe. It is quite possibly the best hot chocolate that I have tried (it is super creamy)!

We filled a basket full and delivered them to friends and teachers. I know that Rebecca did hers around Christmas and shared them (which if I hadn't been so far behind on my to-do list and was able to keep up with the blogs that I follow, I could have done it then too). Well, it is still winter and we are still having cold days, so I made some and shared them.

I think it would be super cute on a heart shaped doiley tied with pink or red ribbon and given for Valentines. You could also cut the chocolate and the marshmallow with heart shaped cookie cutters and attach a note that says "Valentine, you make my heart melt!" Hey, I may just have to try that!

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