Monday, June 18, 2012

A Perfect Pet for Peyton

When I went to MOPS Convention last August, I registered for a door prize (several actually).  Last month I got a package in the mail and I had won one of the door prizes.  I was so shocked (I had forgotten about it) and pleasantly surprised.

I had won 2 books, A Perfect Pet for Peyton and The Five Love Languages of Children (revised) by Gary Chapman.

I have read The Five Love Languages of Children (check it out herehere, and here).  I loved the book.  I have not read the revised version yet.  

When I received my door prize, I read A Perfect Pet for Peyton to the boys.  It is a book about the Five Love Languages and it teaches children about them.  It is a well written book and wonderfully illustrated.  It is written in a way that children can understand the love languages.  It even has a quiz in the back of the book to help children figure out what love language that they speak.  For those of you (I'm really thinking of your children) that are electronically savvy, you can also get a free interactive APP that goes along with the book.

If you are familiar with the Five Love Languages, I really think you will enjoy reading A Perfect Pet for Peyton to your children.  If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you reading it to your children anyway (children gain a lot from being read to - that's a whole other post), they will enjoy the story and the illustrations and you might just find that you will want to read any of the books from the Five Love Languages  series (yes, there are several).

Note:  Since I read the book (The Five Love Languages) originally, I have learned Rance and Anthony's love languages (they were too young at the time).  Anthony's is Gifts and Rance's is Acts of Service.

I have 5 men (big and little) in my house and they each speak a different love language (there are 5 of those too).  My hubby, Frank's is Quality Time, Lee's is Words of Affirmation/Quality Time, Champ's is Physical Touch and I just told you the 2 little one's languages.

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