Friday, June 15, 2012


We just finished VBS and I wanted to give my helpers a little something for helping me out.  I had the nursery class and we had double what we were expecting and we had the smallest classroom (because we weren't expecting that many).  It was fun, but it was a challenge.

I made a set of 4 coasters for each of my helpers (I had 4).  So I made 16 coasters total.  I personalized them by using their last initial. 

Three of my helpers had a last name that started with a "B" and one started with a "M."

After making them, I tied each set up with sisal.

I then placed them in brown kraft paper bags.  ( I love brown kraft paper!!!!!!!!!)  Stuffed with gold metallic tissue paper, added tags that I stamped, then wrote their name on the front of the tag with a gold metallic pen.

On the back of the tag I wrote a little note in gold metallic ink.

For a tutorial on how to do these, click here.

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