Monday, June 14, 2010

Progress Report

I weighed this morning and weigh 144.8 lbs. That's a loss of 1.2 lbs. this week (for a total of 5.8 lbs.). That's not much, but I guess it's better than gaining. I really should try her exact menu (it seems expensive - just by looking at it, but I haven't priced it in the store), to see if I would actually lose more weight.

One day, I got really busy and didn't do my daily dozen exercises and more times than not, I didn't make time for the fidgetcizers either. So, maybe all in all I haven't done too bad.

I am not loosing weight/inches in my stomach/abs area like I would like to. That is my bad area (o.k. - it's all bad, but that's my worst area). I seem to be loosing it more in my thighs, than my abs.

So, here's what I've decided to try to do. I am still doing my Daily Dozen exercises (each morning) as Denise suggests (she targets different areas on different days), and then late afternoon, I am going to do my ab toning exercises too. (She has a section that is devoted just to abs. She suggests doing them 3 times a week, I had been doing them once or twice, but not 3 times - so I am going drastic, I'm going for 7 days a week - maybe that will really get my stomach flatter and tighter.)

Wish me luck. It's going, but not too well.

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Domestica said...

I stummbled across you blog tonight and I am a new follower. I had fun reading through many of your posts.

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