Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Previous MOPS Creative Activity

I have been wanting to blog on this for awhile, but I kept forgetting. Our MOPS Creative Activies person was fantastic. She had lots of great ideas, but I have this particular fondness for totes so I really liked this CA (creative activity). (I have some kind of tote fettish. I love tote bags, I absolutely love totes!!!!!!!)

So the one pictured above is the one I made. Yes, we all made one at our MOPS meeting. So you want to know the secret? It's a 'No Sew Tote'. Of course you can't use it for anything like a library/book bag (or for anything heavy), but it's a great all around tote. I have been using it to carry the snacks in for my Sunday morning class. Our CA person got the idea here.

So those of you that don't sew, even you can make this. If you sew and want to sew it (to make it sturdier), go right ahead. But it is a great, quick project (even if you do sew, try it out).

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