Monday, June 7, 2010


Here is a shirt I just did using Freezer Paper Stenciling.

Last year at the MOPS convention, I saw some shirts that had mom to the nth power (however many children she had). I fell in love with it, but it came in black and white or pink and brown (which I know I am a girl, but I'm not a pink person plus I have boys). Those really were the only 2 options that I saw and I wasn't fond of either of them.

I have had that shirt on my mind ever since then. I began to think about it a lot after I attempted freezer paper stenciling here.

I have gotten on a red and brown kick lately. I really like that combination (one of my boys has a plaid shirt: red, white, brown and teal - really like it alot). So I purchased a red T-shirt at Wal-Mart for $4 and some brown ("Earth Brown") acrylic paint for less than $2. I used freezer paper than I already had on hand and an inexpensive makeup sponge (to apply the paint).

I printed my slogan in a font I liked large enough to show up on a T-shirt. Then I traced it onto the paper side of the freezer paper and I used small scissors to cut it out. (This is where a Cricut would have come in handy - I'm not fortunate enough to have one, so those of you that are - enjoy it and know that I suffer severely because I don't have one. Joking, but just slightly.)

Then I ironed the freezer paper to the shirt (making sure it is centered).

I placed freezer paper inside the shirt (look at the collar) to keep the paint from bleeding through to the back of the shirt.

After I ironed the freezer paper stencil on my shirt, I applied the brown paint.

I pulled the freezer paper off while the paint was still wet.

Now I need to get my tweezers to remove the inside of the "o" and "4." I should have let it dry just a little more because my tweezers smeared the brown paint.

Here's the finished shirt.

Now I need to get me a large beaded teal necklace to top it off.

[I have a brown long-sleeve T-shirt that I can wear under the red short-sleeve shirt in cooler weather.]


Lana said...

What a cute idea! I might steal it.

Megan said...

I love it! I think the red has kind of a super hero look to it that pink could never pull off - great color choice for a mom of 4 who must have some sort of super powers to manage her family!

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