Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Pregnant Belly Cake

A friend of mine (she was also Lee's first grade teacher and Champ's first and second grade teacher and I sincerely hope Anthony and Rance both have her when they get in school) asked me if I would make the pregnant belly cake for her baby shower. She already has 2 girls and is expecting a boy this time and she chose the colors blue and brown. (I love those colors together!) They looked great together on the cake. I am glad that she picked those colors out.

It is not a very big cake so I made some cupcakes to go with it. I was not very pleased with the cupcakes. I iced them in blue and attempted to put brown dots (to go with the dress on the pregnant belly) on the blue icing (I couldn't find brown confetti sprinkles - that was my first choice). I did not get my brown icing dark enough. I had also thought of doing the reverse (brown icing with blue dots) if I could find blue confetti sprinkles - which I couldn't find those either. Oh, well - at least the cake turned out o.k.

This is such a fun cake to do. Maybe it's because of the occasion, but whatever the reason, it is definitely one of my favorite (if not my very favorite) cakes to make.

To see my first attempt at the pregnant belly cake and what I used to make it, you can click here.


The Family of Logo said...

WOW! Very fun and creative! I love this cake! I too am a fan of blue and brown. A friend of mine is pregnant and is praying for a girl, her color choices are brown and pink... also very classy!

Jes said...

Cute! I'm looking for ideas for a baby shower I have coming up in a couple of weeks! I think I'm going to attempt the light blue and brown polka dot cake!

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