Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girl's 3 Piece Christmas Outfit

I just finished this cute outfit. I saw the adorable red and green polka dot fabric and couldn't resist buying it. Then I saw the cute ruffled pants and thought I had to make an outfit using the fabric and the ruffled pants and hoped it turned out as cute as I had imagined.

The top can also be worn alone as a dress. Don't you think it would be just sweet with a white, long sleeve, turtle neck under it? I got the dress pattern from a Martha Pullen book (you can view it here).

And I have also been wanting to try the korker bows (but with boys didn't really have a reason to), so I used this as an excuse (you can find the directions here). I made it out of grosgrain ribbon (I absolutely love the stuff). Their harder than you think to make them. Maybe I just need practice or maybe there is a little trade secret that would make it easier, who knows? (If you do, let me in on it.)


The Family of Logo said...

very nice! One reason I love having nieces!

Werries Family said...

Love the outfit!!! So adorable. You are good!!! Merry Christmas.

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