Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Lightkeeper's Daughter

The Lightkeeper's Daughter
by Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson Publisher

Addie had lived her life in a lighthouse with her parents on the coast of California. She recently lost her father who adored her to consumption while she had never felt loved or accepted by her mother. One day a stranger showed up and told her she wasn't who she thought she was. So, Addie began her quest to find her true identity and find a family who would love her.

In her search for her true identity, Addie Sullivan was attacked, members of her new found family were attacked and the woman that raised her was murdered. Who could she trust in this new world where she didn't know anyone? Who was she really? Where was her real mother?

I was pleasantly surprised with this novel. Originally, I thought that it was going to be just another rags to riches story, but it was so much more. With love & romance and mystery & intrigue filling each page it was difficult to put down. It kept me guessing until the end about who was behind Addie's hidden identity and how things would turn out. The fact that this is a historical fiction novel was pleasing to me, I found it interesting to know that the events in the book were set in a real place, Mercy Falls. I would recommend this book if you enjoy romance and suspense.

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