Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Buys

I found this great idea from $5 Dinners but it was too late for this Christmas. So I started planning for next Christmas. I went to a few stores and got several of these soup mugs ($1 each) and Latte mugs ($0.75 each) on the clearance rack. Next year I will fill them with the recipe for 'Mug Cake' that I found on $5 Dinners and/or homemade hot chocolate mix. This will help tremendously on next year's Christmas budget. I have 4 children so there are several teachers that I have to buy for (2 school teachers and 8 church teachers - 2 per child, 1 Wed. night and 1 Sun. morning teacher). Also, I feel that food is something everyone could use (knick knacks are appreciated I am sure, but a person can only have so many). I wrote this down in my Holiday Control Journal along with the recipe so I will remember next year. If you have any great gift ideas, let me know.

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