Monday, December 8, 2008


What is that one something that makes you feel special? Mine is a pair of silver toned (not even the real stuff) hoop earrings. Not small, not big, just average. They have a spring loaded clip on the back so that if they get pulled out by my kids, I will loose an earring and not an ear. I found them when my oldest (9 soon to be 10) was an infant. I have lost several over the years. I buy another pair the exact same and if one of those gets lost I still have a pair. Well, my son lost both earrings a few months ago and I haven't been able to find "my earrings," so I haven't been wearing any earrings.

I found "my earrings" today! Yeah!!!!!!!! I bought a pair and after standing in line for quite some time with 2 cranky toddlers I found out they were on sale. (I will go back later and get another pair.) I put them on as soon as I got back in my van. Now I feel like me again. It's strange how something so small and insignificant makes me feel special, makes me feel pretty.

What's your 'something special?' Is it a favorite shade of lipstick? A favorite parfume?


"There isn't any mountain you can't conquer." -Unknown

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