Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls

Last year I made these "Santa" bags for each of our kids. It is a great big red sack that they leave under the tree on Christmas Eve and Santa leaves each child's presents in the appropriate bag. It's a new tradition that we started last year. This year for Mother's Day I got an embroidery machine, so now I have to embroider their names on their bags.
Lee put Anthony in the bag, then he put Rance in the bag. Lee makes a great Santa.
I put my crockpot on with the scents of the season, thanks to the Crockpot Lady. Part of the time I had Christmas music on the computer and the rest of the time we watched Polar Express. It was nice while decorating our trees.
I have one tree that stays up all year long (I have deocrated in the "Lodge" look and the tree is part of the decor.) and we just decorate it with "Lodge" ornaments at Christmas. Then last year I picked up 5 smaller trees for less than a $1 each at an after Christmas clearance. Each child has his own tree to decorate and then there is an extra one for their bathroom vanity.

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