Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fruit Basket for my SIL

First things first - Overlook my messy counter and kitchen!

I have 6 sisters-in-law and they are all excellent, but my husband and his oldest sister have always been especially close.  She is very good to our family (how good is a whole other post or two).

She is a CPA and as we all know April 15 is Tax Day - so April is a very busy and stressful month for her.

She is always doing something nice for our family and I wanted to return the favor.  Since it is such a hard month I decided on a fruit basket.  I was afraid that with all the business she might be tempted to skip lunch or just forget to take it.  I know that she is health conscience so I wanted a healthy option.

I also know that women in general also need like need chocolate (so I had to put some in the basket too).

I bought all the stuff myself and Champ put it together for me.  He did an excellent job.  When my DH got home that evening - he asked where I bought it.  (When his sis called to say thanks - she asked where we got it too.)

I found some cute bright spring ribbon (lime green with hot pink and darker green polka dots) that I tied onto the basket (both the ribbon and basket were from Hobby Lobby - on sale for 1/2 off) and put hot pink and lime green tissue paper in the bottom of the basket.  I washed all fruit so that it would be ready for consumption.

We put a pineapple, red delicious apples, granny smith apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, Hershey kisses and some trail mix from Good Harvest Bread Co. (which I absolutely love) .  All the fruit was from Aldi's at really reasonable prices (tasted great too - I bought some for us to eat when I purchased her fruit).

The next day Rance and I delivered it to her work.

Thanks a lot for all that you do for us Sis.  You are a WONDERFUL person and we love you!

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