Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free & Bargain Kindle Books


Now I know that I've told you how much I love books and that I am resistant to e-readers, well I've found some links that might change my mind.  As much as I love books, I love to read more (when I was younger - I read anything I could get my hands on...the backs of shampoo bottles, telephone books - don't laugh, there's valuable information in there that's more than just phone numbers - and countless other things).

Well, a friend alerted me to these websites (you can also find them on Facebook) and I find it very exciting.  I will never be without something to read.

Pixel of Ink
Pixel of Ink - Young Edition
Power Reads
Inspired Reads
Dining Downloads

Just a little FYI - my son has a Kindle Fire and I do not own an e-reader, but you can download a free e-reader here for your computer from Amazon.  Which I have done.

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