Friday, April 20, 2012

Adorable Baby Girl's Outfit

This dress from Orient Expressed was my inspiration piece. I made a dress similar to this one for a baby shower at church and I cannot find the pictures that I took (accidentally deleted maybe?). I loved these colors and I used seersucker fabric.

I believe the fabric that I used, the green was a check pattern (lime green and white) and the purple was a purple and white stripe. I used this pattern from You Can Make This for the dress. The dress was green and white and the ruffled edge and bow tie in the back were the purple and white.

I also used fancy ruffled diaper cover pattern here, also from You Can Make This. On the diaper cover, I made the diaper cover itself from the purple and white and the ruffles were from the green and white. You cannot tell from the picture of my inspiration picture (had I been able to find my pictures - you would have been able to tell), but the back is open in the diaper area. I wanted the green ruffles on the diaper cover to show through the purple ruffles on the open back of the dress.

I really hate that I cannot find my pictures. I was really pleased at how the little outfit turned out. I guess I just need to make another one.

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