Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Gift

Do you remember the gifts that I said that I made (in this post) and gave away before I took pix? Well, I said that I liked it so well, that I was going to make one for myself and I would take pictures of that? I did make one for myself and here are the pictures. (I tied a bow around the handle and attached a card to them before I gave the others away.)

Check out the picture below (the tub is yellow), then check out the tub in this picture. I found the galvanized tub and stand at Dollar General for about $12 - $14 (don't remember exactly) and I liked the stand with the tub. Then when I picked the yellow tub up and put my last name on it, I put it in the stand to see if it fit (and it did - now I can change them out).

Also, not sure if you remember (in this post) that I had something special planned for the wardrobe that I repainted? Well, I am in the process of opening a small boutique in my home. I had wanted to do something similar for a while, but I guess I was too afraid of failure and I never did. Well, a very dear friend of mine suggested it also and she came up with a game plan.

How could I say no? You know, often times people make suggestions, but that's as far as it goes. Well, not this friend she had a suggestion and a solution for implementing it as well.

You have been seeing bits and pieces of it coming together all along. Here is another one.

In previous posts, the dishes were red. (I just really thought that the red popped on the black and white - and it does - but the rest of the boutique is black and white and gold/yellow, so I changed my dishes to yellow.) I got the color scheme from the curtains: they are white with a ruffled trim, the ruffle is black with yellow sunflowers on it. I made the table runner and placemats, napkins are coming soon.

I really started sewing when Anthony and Rance came along. I wanted the cute boutique clothes, but being a SAHM of 4 it just wasn't in the budget. So my only other option: to make them myself.

Here is an outfit that I made for Anthony (then it was passed down to Rance) that is black and white gingham and I hand smocked black and gold hornets on the front. Our local schools' mascots are bees/hornets/yellow jackets, so I thought that it was appropriate (and cute). Since I made this like 5 years ago and it matched the boutique I hung it up (as a sample).

The name of the boutique is going to be Monograms and More. I will do custom sewing, children's clothes, wedding gifts, embroidery/monogramming, etc.

My children's art work is on the wardrobe again. I thought about erasing it, but I'm going to be selling children's clothes - so why not let the children do the art work?

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Amanda Logo said...

First of all, let me just say "CONGRATULATIONS!" I think it's fantastic that you're finally opening up a boutique! You've played around that idea for a long time now and I'd like to thank the friend that helped you get passed the thinking/talking phase and onto the preparing phase! That's so great! You make some awesome-cute stuff and shouldn't stop just because your boys are growing up -pass it along to others! I'm so proud of you!

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