Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Few More Boutique Pictures

It's hard to see the detail of the curtains in this picture but they are white, the ruffle on the bottom is black with yellow sunflowers. I don't have place mats,table runner or dishes set on the table yet. It just has an arrangement of sunflowers in the center of the table (which my mom made years ago - she & dad used to own a flower shop). To the right is a bench and it has a sunflower throw draped across one corner of it. (You can see it better in the picture below.)

The picture above the bench is one my mom painted years ago (it has sunflowers in it) and a friend of her's gave it to me when she saw that I had sunflowers here. I miss my mom - she would have so many ideas and suggestions and she would be so supportive (even if it fails) of my dreams of the boutique. Since I took this picture, I have moved the picture that my mom took (it is still there, but I have moved it and put something else in that spot).

It's a work in progress. I am constantly making changes (and I'm sure that I will continue to do so - that's just me). Here are a few pictures that I made about 6 weeks ago (and I have changed things a little since then).

On the inside of the wardrobe doors I hung a couple of hooks. I have some hair ribbons that I made hung on this hook. If you look at this post, I have an outfit hung on it. (You can't see it in the picture, but inside the other door is a hook with the hair bows hung on it.)

At Hobby Lobby, I found a couple of black and white hat boxes (I love hat boxes and always have - they just seem nostalgic to me) and just had to get them (used 40% off coupon). I knew they would look great in the boutique. I set them on top of the wardrobe. While I was in Hobby Lobby, I found some black and white damask ribbon that matched one of the hat boxes, used it to make a burp cloth and laid it across the hat box.

Another friend of mine saw the changes that I was making (this is where I cut my friends and family member's hair - my hair salon, sort of) and asked what was going on. I explained it all to her and she was so super excited.

She made a couple of suggestions and one of them was to hang something on the side of the wardrobe. So I added a hook to the side (just like the ones that I added to the doors on the inside of the wardrobe). Now I can hang something there, you know to maybe "showcase" an item.

Right now, all the clothes hanging in the boutique are samples (I made them for my sons). I hope to have pre-made items to sell, soon.

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The Family of Logo said...

I think it's coming along nicely. If you are anything like me you will likely never stop changing things around in there! It looks nice lots of ways, why not show them all?

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