Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the Year Teacher Gift

Our school year is finally over. This is what I did for 1 set of teachers (Lee had 4 teachers, Champ had 4 teachers and Anthony had 1 teacher). [Anthony's teacher we did a gift as a class - all the Kindergarten kids in her class and their parents got together and got her something together. Champ had extenuating circumstances and several of his teachers were out the last week and he had subs - so we didn't do anything for his teachers.]

Since Lee wanted to do something and I have 3 boys in school (makes quite a few teachers) I couldn't do too much for them (there isn't enough money in the budget for what they deserve), but we wanted to do something anyway.

A mom in our MOPS group researched the web and came up with several teacher gift ideas and made samples and set up a table to show us - fantastic idead. I really liked this idea (among others), thought it was really cute and quick and easy enough to do several at the last minute. She found the idea here. The printable is free too.

There was something strange when I printed mine out. It said it would print out in a 5 X 7 size, but printed out in an 8 X 10 size instead. Oh, well, the teachers just got a JUMBO thank you.

I took a picture before Lee signed his name to all of them.

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