Monday, September 6, 2010

Ghostly Necklace

I saw this cute crocheted necklace on Lion Brand Yarn and I just couldn't resist whipping it up for Halloween (it's not too far away you know).

This is a quick and easy necklace to make. You can find the free instructions here. The only change I made, was that I crocheted the necklace part in black (instead of grey). I think I like the grey better, but I already had the black on hand.

After I had crocheted the 3 ghosts and before I could attach them to the necklace part, Rance was playing with them as finger puppets. That would be another way to use them. When the older boys got home from school, they saw the necklace and immediately asked me if I could make them some ghost finger puppets. Hint: Lion Brand actually has a pattern for those too, you can find that here.

I love the Lion Brand website. Can you tell? No, they haven't paid my anything to say it, nor do I get anything from them at all. Actually, they don't even know I exist, I just like their free patterns (you can find just about anything knit or crochet).

One of these days, I am going to teach myself to knit. I tried it once and made a small dishcloth and it turned out o.k. for my first time, but that was so long ago that I've probably forgotten everything. I'll have to start from scratch. But that's another project for another day.

Happy Halloween, uh, I mean have a Great Labor Day!

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