Sunday, September 5, 2010

Easy Breakfast

My Aunt told me about these Breakfast Cups. They are so easy and it is a complete breakfast - super good for an 'on the go' type breakfast.

Take canned biscuits (I used 1 can of 10 biscuits) and flatten them out (I do this with my fingers, you could roll them out I guess, but that's just one more thing to wash - so I don't). I try to make them the shape of the muffin tin.

Then you take several eggs and lightly beat with a fork (I think I used 8 eggs for the 10 biscuits and it was a little much, so 6 or 7 might do just fine), add a little salt and pepper to taste, add cooked meat and stir together. [I took 1 lb. of bulk sausage, browned and drained the fat off of it the night before and kept in the fridge until the next morning. It could all be done in the morning, I was just trying to make my morning a little less hectic. You could also used crumbled bacon or diced ham or whatever in place of sausage.]

Then you spoon the egg and meat mixture into the center of the flattened biscuit (while the biscuit is in the muffin tin).

Sprinkle with shredded cheese and bake until biscuit is done.

What isn't eaten, place in a zip-loc bag and refrigerate. Reheat in the microwave.

You can customize them any way you want them, you can add peppers and onions or whatever you like. You can also make the whole thing the night before and just reheat in the microwave the next morning.

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The Family of Logo said...

hello friend! i know it's been too long but i wanted to let you know i'm still here and following... i LOVE this idea and will FOR SURE use it! thanks for sharing.

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