Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping Kids Busy Part 2

One mom suggested (and this is great in good weather) a nature scavenger hunt. With her and her daughter's finds, they glue them on construction paper and make a personal card for friends and family.

Another mom had their version of "The Food Network" and their show was titled 'Cooking with Cereal.' She said they made rice crispy treats, and other recipes then they shared them with the neighbors.

One mom had the same problem I have trying to change sheets (her kids want to get in the middle of the bed and/or sheets - making it impossible to change sheets) so she plays 'Puffy Sheets' with her kids. They wait patiently until she has the sheets on the bed, then she shakes a king size sheet up in the air and when it falls to the ground it makes a "bubble" and the kids take turns jumping on it. Sometimes they lay in the floor and she puts the "bubble" on top of them. She said her kids love it. I will deffinitely have to try it (I think my kids would love this).

Another mom (she was an elementary school teacher before she became a SAHM) suggested getting an egg carton and a bag of pom poms. Fill one side with all large pom poms of different colors, fill the other side with small pom poms the same colors as the larger ones. Have kids match colors (they put a small one with a big one). To make it more challenging (if the child is able), use tongs for them to pick up the pom poms.

The same mom suggested stringing colored beads onto a shoelace. Counting them as they went and counting them as they put them back into the storage container (making sure they had them all). She also talked about the colors of the beads.

Can't remember which mom(s) suggested letting kids play with shaving cream (putting some on a cookie sheet and letting the kids 'finger paint' with it). You can also add food coloring to the shaving cream. Someone also suggested putting some small objects in a bowl and filling it with shaving cream and have the kids find the objects.

One mom made the suggestion to make sure that you have enough for everyhand. She has 2 toddlers and an infant and she lets her kids play with plastic spoons and spatulas with a pot and lid while she cooks. Each toddler gets 2 spoons/spatulas (one for each hand) otherwise they would be trying to take one away from brother. Great idea!

Another mom who was also a former elem. teacher took a piece of paper (typing paper, computer paper, notebook paper, whatever) and made a box on the top half of the paper (taking up almost the whole top half) and then drew lines below it (you understand why in a minute). Inside the box she would place 1 sticker and the child was to draw a picture around and including the sticker. If they are old enough, they can write the story below the box on the lines. If they can't write, they can dictate to you their story. She suggested making this a 'Never Ending Story' every day or every week, add a page to your story.

The same mom suggested taking picture of your child and/or family members and putting them on magnetic paper (found at most office supply stores) then making a puzzle out of the picture (depending on the child you choose the difficulty level of the puzzle). Great for the fridge.

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed listing to them. If you have any good ideas I am open. I have 4 boys (2 of which are toddlers) and rainy/snowy day activities sometime escape me. I guess I should have an 'Inclement Weather' or 'Mommy Needs Just a Minute' folder with all these ideas in them (and any more that I might run across). Hey, I think I'll go do that.

Have fun and let me know what works for you.


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