Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Fun

A friend of mine was cleaning out her yarn stash this past summer and let me have A LOT of it (I was tickled pink). She is a knitter and I am a crocheter and a learning-to-knitter.

When I first received the yarn, I wasn't able to crochet or knit much this summer (due to time constraints and such). Now that the weather is getting cooler the autumn colors are beautiful, the leaves are falling and the air is crisp I am really in the mood to crochet and knit, so I am making time.

Here are a few scarves that I have crocheted this week. (I am slower at knitting since I am still new at it, so if I want to see results fast - I'll crochet. Also, knitting requires me to concentrate more, so I am unable to do it as often - with 4 boys around, my concentration seems to get broken a lot.)

Pink lattice scarf with white trim.

This yarn was a medium blue and white twisted together so when crocheted together it resembles faded denim to me. [Hard to tell in the picture, but very pretty.]

This is a multi-colored skinny scarf. I really like the colors in it.

I have loved working with these yarns and making these scarves. Now, do I give them as gifts (X-mas and such) or keep them to myself?????????????

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