Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Firewood Carrier

We have gas heat. When gas prices started to rise a few years ago we began to talk about a wood stove. Last year, someone in poor health gave us his wood stove. I love it! I can keep the house so much warmer than I would ever dream about with gas heat (I can't afford to keep it as warm as I would like with gas heat).

In the November 2011 Issue of Country Living Magazine (page 55), it showed how to make this cute firewood carrier. I just had to make it. Frank usually brings in a load of wood in a wheelbarrow for me, but sometimes (because I keep it so warm and toasty) I run out of wood before he gets home and can get another load in for me. I thought this would be perfect for me to carry just a small amount in to keep the fire good and warm until he gets home.

The directions called for faux bois oilcloth (Country Living Magazine said you could get it here). I used vinyl laminated cotton instead (for several reasons - it's really cute and there wasn't a big selection of oilcloth here and I wanted to make it now). I don't know if it will hold up as well as oilcloth (only time will tell).

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